Beautiful Balcony Garden For Modern House And Apartment Improvement

modern green balcony garden with floral garden also with rattan wooden frame chair also round rattan table also potted flower and plant

In summer days many people are love to plant flowers but not everyone having a garden. Fortunately, there are a ways to enjoy gardening without have a yard that even people in apartment by turning balcony into a mini garden. You also able to add a hanging potted flower or plants when you have roof for your balcony.

modern and inspiring small balcony garden with wood floor and iron railing also rattan chair and potted flower and plant also rattan table for balcony garden


Remember when you want buy plants, make sure you choose flowers or plants that will prosper in for your environment. When you have a shady balcony then you choose plants that well grow in the shade. Next, if you have balcony that have direct sunlight all day, choose the plant that can grow on hot sun.

zen balcony garden with small stone floor also potted flower and plant also glass windows and patio balcony garden metal railing

Get flower pot or containers that have hole for drainage and you may add some small rocks on the bottom for water flow. Use high quality potting soil for your plants and make sure don’t over water. In additional, You enhance the balcony with another plant like potted palm and other plant that can grow in all weather. Make sure you have best arranging in the plants, put different size pot to make it more interesting or you can mix and place together with containers that have different plant sizes and heights in groups.

green garden in balcony for modern apartment with wooden floor and shelf also potted plant anf flower also glass iron riling modern apartment balcony garden with potted flower and plant design with white iron railing and folding stool also brown padded chair modern small balcony garden small apartment balcony garden contemporary design with potted flower with imitation grass rug also iron railing and resd flower and plant japanese zen modern apartment balcony garden with white coral stone and glass with iron railing and potted plant also flower modern contemporary design ideas gardening at balcony for modern apartment house with shelf and potted flower and plant with grey floor and brick exposed wall and iron railing contemporary-moderm-balcony-garden-with-green-plant-canopy-with-white-iron-railing-also-wooden-floor-and-green-outdoor-rug-and-orange-chair-also-potted-flower-plant balcony gardening with flower pot and shelf also with black iron railing and conentrate floor modern apartment balcony garden classic design balcony garden with wooden floor also garden iron long chair also iron railing with potted red and yellow flower also brick exposed wall  yellow-wall-apartment-with-balcony-with-iron-railing-and-potted-flower-also-shelf-with-blue-curtain-and-whte-frame-glass-door balcony garden ideas with colorful pot with flower and plant white coral stone and black iron balcony railing also brown tile floor apartment exterior balcony garden design with potted flower and plant also black iron railing also brown tile flooring also modern balcony garden balcony design for modern home and apartment with green iron railing also potted plant with wood shelf also gladd windows and white door also balcony wooden benches potted flower and plant for modern balcony garden with black iron railing also red and pink flower and brown ceramic tile modern contemporary balcony garden with brick exposed wall also wooden kitchen benches also black iron railing and wooden flower pot and plant apartment balcony luxury garden with black farme iron railing and green outdoor rug and wooden shelf for potted flower and plant modern balcony garden green balcony garden with white floding chair and flowers also plant with brown tile and potted flower and modern balcony garden apartment balcony garden for green garden with potted flower and blue iron railing also black iron chair black brick exposed wall

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